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One of the best parts of the Mr. Basrai’s World Cuisine restaurant is to visit and experience our bountiful salad bar. Our Side dishes include Chicken Caesar salad, Eggplant salad, Artichoke and broccoli salad bread. Help yourself to our vibrant selection of Gourmet Salads and traditional Chicken Toscana salad, vegetables and Sides dishes. Although we cook and rotate a plentitude of green dishes to accompany the meats from the barbeque, there are more of our favourites you can expect to see!

Japanese sushi
Japanese sushi

quiet revival of authentic Japanese sushi is underway in the UK and it contains the seeds of a revolution that could make eating sushi both more enjoyable and more ecologically sustainable. Mr Basrai’s World Cuisines offers a variety of authentic Chinese and Japanese cuisines. Satisfy your hunger with a colourful selection of signature sushi rolls like the Salmon, Tuna, Mixed Pepper Maki and the Prawn Nigiri, Avocado roll and Mixed Veg Maki. Have you visited us yet? Note: All sushi is served with soya sauce, ginger pickle and wasabi sauce!

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Japanese sushi

A great selection of roast has made Mr Basrai’s World Cuisine the most canonistic place for chargrills and carveries. Choose from a variety of marinated meats or enjoy a mixture of the best ingredients and experience them being cooked live! Come and try our tasty variety of roasts and chargrills like chicken, beef and pork to be enjoyed with succulent peppercorn gravy.

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Explore the most authentic steaks, chicken & beef made to perfection on MR BASRAI’S World Cuisine restaurants’ CHARGRILL section! Our sizzling chargrills are the kind of contraption that will make your guests think you’ve just won an episode of Master Chef! The grill imparts a beautiful smoky flavour. Our experienced chef finds the best way to grill small vegetables as we blanch them first. We utilise the highest quality of meat brands & best cuts to earn valued customers’ satisfaction! It’s time to have cosy moments with Chargrill joy!

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We strive to provide our patrons with a new and exciting experience every time they visit us. Our cuisines do just that with our Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisines. Starters range from all-time favourites such as spring rolls to Gobi Manchurian and more. For the main course tease your palate with a delectable preparation of crispy duck in hoisin sauce or beef in Massaman curry. Always topping the list by popular demand is the Sweet and Sour Chicken, Lamb Penang and stir-fry vegetables.

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With authentic regional noodle dishes from all over Asia, Mr Basrai’s World Cuisine restaurants’ noodle bar offers a dining experience featuring as much fun as flavour. Our executive chef looks to the traditional dishes of Thailand, Japan, China and Vietnam, offering an impressive selection that includes Japanese udon noodles, Leeks, Beansprouts, Chinese cabbage, Mix pepper, Egg noodles and Mushrooms, all on your choice of fresh ingredients. Our noodle bar is a live cooking station and this makes your joyful experience with us more fun and pleasant.

Italian cuisine

Our chef has created a unique menu to reflect the very best of traditional and contemporary Italian cuisine. From classic, freshly-made pizzas and pasta, to delectable fish and succulent meat. Why not come and choose from our Italian cuisine’s most delicious dishes like Mediterranean Roast Vegetables or Roast Chicken Risotto?

Mexican food

When craving for authentic Mexican food, Mr Basrai’s is a natural choice. Mr Basrai’s World Cuisines represent the Mexican tradition of hospitality and friendship. Our fresh homemade food is prepared daily using the finest ingredients. You will find the best Mexican food here right from Fajitas, Mexican chicken stew, Sweetcorn salsa to Black bean chilli, Sour cream and chive.

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Our famous Mr Basrai’s World Cuisine restaurants provide high quality, healthy food with a fusion of delicately spiced dishes and mouth-watering masala sauces. Our global menu reinterprets nostalgic Indian dishes with an openness towards global techniques and influences. Our Chef distinctly highlights Indian flavours on a contemporary menu including Onion bhaji, Aloo Gobi, Lamb Madras and Seekh kebab.

cake & Pannacotta

Dessert is the most important part of a meal, isn’t it? Mr. Basrai’s World Cuisine restaurants sweets station is overflowing with a colourful array of treats like the wonderful chocolate fountain with tasty marshmallows, enormous Strawberry cheesecake, Chocolate fudge cake, Pannacotta, Walnut and chocolate brownies. Don’t miss our great selections of jelly, fresh fruit and mousse. The absolute must-try is the Apple crumble..

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Have fun choosing your favourite drink and surprise your senses as you enjoy an exquisite selection of cocktails. Pamper yourself with personalized attention in a wonderful environment. Here you will find the most original and colourful drinks that will make your visit to Mr. Basrai’s World Cuisine, a celebration of a memorable dining experience. Here, you can delight your palate with a variety of global cocktails and drinks including world premium selections of white and red wines from Da Luca Pinot Grigio, Terre Siciliane, ITALY to Flagstone Longitude Shiraz-Cabernet Sauvignon-Malbec, Western Cape, SOUTH AFRICA. Enjoy a tipple with your meal with your favourite cocktails choosing from French Martini, Strawberry & Lemon Smash and Pina Colada to Tequila Sunrise. We have the finest Pitchers and Beers to make your visit even more outstanding and delightful. To cap things off nicely, choose from a wide variety of bottled soft drinks, milkshakes and freshly brewed coffees.