Mr Basrai’s World Cuisines in Edinburgh

You’re probably craving great food, but you don’t have to choose just one. At Mr. BASRAI’S world cuisine, we have a wide variety of global cuisines that you can choose from, for a great price. We’ll make your taste buds explode with a variety of mouth watering starters, main courses and the breathtaking desserts.

Mr Basrai’s World Cuisines Serves Up A Delectable Buffet That Has A Wide Array Of Global Cuisines All Under One Roof For One Great Price! From A Range Of Mouth-Watering Starters And Main Courses To Eclectic Beverages, Cocktails, Beers And Spirits. We Have A Variety Of Desserts For The Perfect End To Your Meal at a set price.

One of Mr. BASRAI’S most popular attractions is the chocolate fountain. This is a must-have for any event. Things like these allow our Chefs to create a wide variety with combinations of desserts. We also have other popular cuisines to choose from, such as Thai, Japanese, Indian, Continental, etc and some of these dishes like exotic stir fry vegetables, unique preparations of noodles and sushi, etc may be available for a very limited period of time, that is how exclusive and hand-picked our selection is, to deliver only what is best!

A trip to Mr Basrai restaurant will allow you to taste the best of the world’s cuisines and experience the culture and traditions of different countries.  

Now we tell you why should you pick us, you should consider us because at Mr. BASRAI’S all cravings are catered to. We take care and prepare to be able to provide you a one-stop solution for your cravings. We have a rotating menu to be give you the freshest ingredients and give you a taste of multiple different things over time using good quality products.

With this newer enthusiasm we bring to you a whole range of cuisines and so many varieties within it at our all-you-can-eat buffet. We attempt to get better and better to be able to put forward the best for our customers.

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