The Edinburgh festival fringe

The Edinburgh festival fringe, the biggest art festival across the world, this festival fringe was started in the year 1947, which makes this year the 75th consecutive year of conducting this grand event. The Edinburgh festival fringe is traditionally hosted in the month of August, it is known for its jury-less participations, ones where there is no specific basis of admission.

Annually there are about 55,000 performances.

The biggest festival across the world huh? That sounds like a lot of fun. Considering there are many aspects to fun, I think fun is incomplete without food.

Food is an essential element to fun specially for a festival so grand. So this year to increase the joy on the Edinburgh festival fringe, join us at our outlet of MR.BASRAIS world cuisines Edinburgh and savour our delicious food and drinks.

Our carefully curated assortment of exclusive and exotic foods would be the perfect match for this diverse event. Our widespread and diverse menu that entails dishes from all round the world prepared by highly skilled chefs sounds like a metaphor for the Edinburgh festival fringe as it is also diverse and people from all round the world are seen here!

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